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Content creation.


Flat3 delivers

Big Screen Visuals.

Visual Design & Content creation for all kind of performing arts and events.

Big Screen Concert Visuals
Concert Lights & Visuals
Dance with Dancers, modern dance & night club, Finnish National Ballet 2010
Dance & Night Club visuals
Big Screen Ballet Visuals

Stage & Event lights.

Lighting Design & Programming for Concerts & Performing arts & Events

Flat3 delivers

Concert Lights

Role: Design & Op.

Style: Busking

Artist: Prince Experience Tribute

Venue: Musikhuset Aarhus Store Sal

Audience: 1000+

Year: 2019


Concert Lights (2019)


Lights (2017)

Flat3 Services


Content Creation​

Visuals in one pagkage from design to finishing the show… or any part of the production.

I do entertaining “VJ” visuals, digital set design and storytelling content.


I have a long experience of co operating with other creatives and helping artists / directors / choreograpers / set designers to realise their visions.


I have great experience what works on big screen and how to support the performance.

Mediaserver programming & Op.

I deal with many platforms/mediaservers and utilise our lighting console programming skills as well.

Lighting Design

I handle not only preprogrammed designs but also going with the flow (design on the fly, aka busking shows)

Lighting Programming & Op.

I am experienced MA programmer / operator and feel strong doing both cue list based and busking shows.

Flat3 delivers


Pop, Jazz, EDM, Classic …
I have long experience for delivering both visuals and lights for various style of music. I do pre programmed and busking (going with the flow without preprogramming /preproduction) shows. Venues I have experience vary from small club to big stage with over 100 light unit and audience 1000+.


Opera, Ballet, Drama …
I have over 20 years experience on working in Theater and with big Opera & Ballet productions. In this are I’m specialised to deliver visual content as a part of set design/lights. I do design and/or content production and/or playback system programming.


Conference, Press release, Gala …
Although I spend most of the time with art and show projects I do also corporate events, both lights and visuals. I deliver all Video/visual content you need from decorative to powerpoint and insert video production.

Content Beauty

Every pixels count! Finished and customised content make it shine! Not forgetting technic that makes smooth playback possible.

Story in focus

We help you to tell your story. I have experience not only graphical content but also videos/shorts with story and actors or animation.

Content tech.

Sound reactivity – Never miss the beat!
Flat3 happily delivers content which follows music… or performer …or what ewer interaction needed.
3D Mapping
Also called projection mapping. Just one technique I use smoothly to deliver content that fits to any space.

Portfolio Latest 3×1

Dapibus Dining
Eleifend Photography
Super Fresh Market

Portfolio alueet 3×2 tai 3×1

Dapibus Dining
Eleifend Photography
Super Fresh Market
Dapibus Dining
Eleifend Photography
Super Fresh Market

about Flat3 / Timo



creative force behind Flat3

Timo (aka the creative force behind Flat3) has over 20 years experience on working in Theater with big Opera & Ballet productions but also strong experience from all kind of performances, events and concerts, in small and mid size stages as well.
After working for years in Finnish National Opera/Ballet and freelancer, Timo enjoys nowadays also working with light and video regularly in Concert Hall Aarhus /Denmark.



Service promise

I’m Always Fully in!
– If I take the gig, I will do my best.

I also promiss to make my best to offer easy and clear Communication and reliable co-operation!


service area

I’m open for inquiry worldwide. My home base is situated in Aarhus/Denmark.

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